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Lynette A. Whitfield

Attorney at Law


Federal Employment

COAPs & TSP Orders

Federal Workers Compensation

Maryland Employment


"Ms. Whitfield Is an excellent attorney, she allowed me the time that I needed to understand my case and my options during my consultation appointment. I did hire Ms. Whitfield, and throughout the resolution of my EEO complaint, Ms. Whitfield was prompt with her responses and follow through, of which I am sure helped to have my case resolved quickly. She was honest and straight forward. She demonstrated understanding and empathy. She did all that she said she would do without hesitation. Kudos to Ms. Whitfield, I would highly recommend and would turn to if I ever required legal assistance again."

Federal Employee

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7361 Calhoun Place, Suite 210
Rockville, MD 20855




301.869.8774 - phone

301.869.8776 - fax


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