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Filing for Unemployment Benefits in Maryland

Losing your job can be a life-changing event and can have a devastating impact on your finances. Maryland Unemployment Insurance can help bridge the gap between jobs by providing up to $430 per week in benefits. However, Maryland unemployment benefits only go back retroactively to the date that you file for unemployment, so it is very important to file as soon as you are terminated.

To be eligible for unemployment generally you must have lost your job through no fault of your own, and be ready willing and able to work. In addition, you must have worked and earned a certain amount during the base period, or the first four of the five calendar quarters preceding the start of the benefit year.

Although there are a few categories of workers who will not be able to apply online, most unemployed workers in Maryland can apply for unemployment benefits online via the Maryland Department of Labor Licensing and Regulation's website. For people who do not qualify to apply online, the MD DLLR provides a telephone application option, with claim centers designated to serve specific Maryland counties. Once an application has been submitted, you are then responsible for actively seeking employment and filing weekly claim certifications. For more information regarding the responsibility of claimants, see the MD DLLR's Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you would like assistance with your Maryland Unemployment Insurance case, please contact our office online or via telephone at (301) 869-8774 to schedule a consultation.

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